We have a couple guidelines for our classes. We want to make sure you are as prepared as possible for success here at CrossFit Juggernaut.  The guidelines are as follows:

  • Your equipment can ALWAYS wait – stay committed till the end and cheer on your classmates!
  • We are your second home; please clean up after yourself!
  • Sunday is day 1 of the week for your reservation class count.
  • It is VERY helpful to your coaches if you reserve for each class you plan on attending in ZEN PLANNER. Arriving to class without a reservation will result in you possibly being added to a waitlist and a 25 burpee “fitness buy-in”.  We try to always have 1 coach for no more than 15 athletes and 2 coaches if more than 15 when possible. Reserving in advance will ensure we are providing you with the best coach to athlete ratio and can plan to make sure those on the waitlist can attend.
  • Please cancel a reservation if you plan on not attending a class. Due to the high demand of spots, a no-show will result in a loss of that class OR 25 burpees (if you are GOLD unlimited, your class count will never be affected, therefore – no burpees!).

  • There is a 1 hour cut off for making reservations and cancellations.
  • If you arrive late, there are 5 burpees for every minute late. More than 10 minutes late, we will ask you to do your own workout on the side (unlimited only), or come back to a different class due to safety reasons.
  • Respect your coach’s hard work and your classmates desire to learn; be respectful when they are talking and teaching. When coaches talk, stay focused, listen intently and wait until they are done before setting up equipment.

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