We welcome all levels of experience to drop-in on any of our regularly scheduled classes.  Just call or email and let us know when you’re coming.  We look forward to seeing you then; the drop-in fee is $20/day.  We can also accommodate you with weekly rates as well, just ask!

It’s like that saying… “you are what you eat”.  The amount of effort you put in to your CrossFit workouts is directly related to the results you will see.  You can go as hard as you desire in the workouts.  We are here to encourage safety, excellence in technique and to motivate all athletes to push as hard as they can within their capacity.
We have a wide variety of clas times and programs, please see our schedule.  Click on Make an Appointment and we’d be happy to walk you through it all in person.
Yes.  We focus on coaching sound technique on all movements and instruct those throughout every day classes.  You will receive instruction from certified coaches on every workout.  It’s like having a personal trainer to address your specific needs.  We can scale all movements to a level you are comfortable with.  A big part of CrossFit is working on our range of motion, flexibility and general mobility before each workout.  The best way to overcome an injury is to address it and encourage improvement in that area.  We modify the workouts to fit your ability and that allows anyone to take part!  We believe that avoiding the issues over the long-term will make you susceptible to continued weaknesses and potentially future injuries.
Yes.  A core principle of the CrossFit methodology is High Intensity.  Research shows that shorter more intense workouts generate increased benefits.  CrossFit is as hard as you make it and we encourage you to push yourself to the limit of your physical and neurological capacities on every workout.  More work = more results.
Power lifters and bodybuilders have different goals and training programs.  They lift heavy weights, do little conditioning and they eat like a gorillas!  While that’s impressive on its own, the CrossFit methodology advocates a clean diet that keeps food intake levels to support your lean body mass but not body fat.  Nutrition is the first thing we must do right!  If we are taking in the right levels of fuel and constantly changing our workouts, we should see an increase in strength but not mass.  Weightlifting is one domain of our workout programming; but we are also focused on gymnastics and metabolic conditioning that both work against muscle mass gains.  Your CrossFit coach is there to make sure you are achieving your goals and adjust your nutrition accordingly.
CrossFit is Constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity.  Functional movements are safe, natural movements we do in everyday life.  We deadlift to pick up something heavy or groceries, we squat to sit in a chair, we lift something heavy overhead; CrossFit focuses on creating excellence in these universal motor recruitment patterns that make us more generally physically prepared for our lives!  We focus on the technique of your movements first and then encourage our athletes to be able to repeat these movements with efficiency every time before adding weights and external loads.  After you have learned proper technique and movement efficiency with weights, we encourage athletes to safely increase their speed within their capacity while keeping their form.  The best way to prevent injuries in any form of exercise is to learn, practice and master consistent execution of natural and safe mechanics.
Nothing will prepare you for CrossFit quite like taking the leap of faith and coming in to try it.  We scale all the workouts for each athlete’s abilities.  It is not uncommon to work out next to a grandmother and someone just out of college.  CrossFit is truly for everyone.  Do you have fun on the treadmill?  I didn’t think so.  Do you spike your intensity with the guidance of certified coaches applauded by your workout buddies?  Nope there also?  CrossFit is fun and supported by a community that helps you push beyond the limits of what you thought was possible.  No matter what level you are starting at just remember, everyone starts at the beginning.  The best preparation you can make is to “get your mind right”, accept the challenge to be better and come on in!
Globo gyms are different, no question about it.  At $10/month they have become the Walmart of lowering “fitness” prices every day; big warehouse spaces filled with ineffective equipment and a lack of guidance on movements, workout programming or nutrition unless you pay extra.  Sessions with a personal trainer can cost upwards of $50/hour and do not come with the benefits of belonging to a community with coaches that are focused on fitness.  CrossFit coaches are here to educate you on nutrition, mobility and excellence in functional movements every day.  With an unlimited membership, it’s like having a personal trainer for less than $8/class/hour.  All movement standards are reviewed prior to every workout, scaled if necessary and the coach is there to answer your questions.  CrossFit boxes are designed to provide the athlete with far more value and a pathway to building real fitness that works.  We encourage you to contact us and try the free intro workout session to see for yourself.  In addition, when you belong to a community that is committed to helping each other with a common goal, big surprise, you work harder!
Of course! Please fill out the contact us page and we’ll be in touch to answer them.


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