CrossFit and the Diabetes Epidemic

Rainier Ward was brought up believing sugar meant love - I mean, who wasn't?? Cake on your birthday, sweets at events, candy on Valentine's day...the list goes on! Ward grew addicted to sugar and refined [...]

Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

Dr. Thomas Seyfried, author of "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease," recently spoke to a group of physicians at CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman's home. Seyfried discusses the importance of nutrition when treating cancer, as well as [...]

However long it takes – Till I Win

However Long It Takes Until I Win Overnight(s) Success. Social media tricks us into believing that success is quick, goals are easily accomplished, and if we aren't a social media celebrity within a month, something [...]

Simple and Tasty Chicken Dish?!

Have you met Nick Massie? Well, just so you know - he is the genius behind Ice Age Meals, which so many of you love! Join him as he gives tips and tricks on how [...]

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