Benefits of POST-WOD Stretching!

We see it all the time…  An athlete finishes up their WOD, adds their score to Zen Planner and darts out the door. Still sweaty, cell phone and keys in hand, ready to go on [...]

CrossFit and the Diabetes Epidemic

Rainier Ward was brought up believing sugar meant love - I mean, who wasn't?? Cake on your birthday, sweets at events, candy on Valentine's day...the list goes on! Ward grew addicted to sugar and refined [...]

Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

Dr. Thomas Seyfried, author of "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease," recently spoke to a group of physicians at CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman's home. Seyfried discusses the importance of nutrition when treating cancer, as well as [...]

However long it takes – Till I Win

However Long It Takes Until I Win Overnight(s) Success. Social media tricks us into believing that success is quick, goals are easily accomplished, and if we aren't a social media celebrity within a month, something [...]

Simple and Tasty Chicken Dish?!

Have you met Nick Massie? Well, just so you know - he is the genius behind Ice Age Meals, which so many of you love! Join him as he gives tips and tricks on how [...]

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